Daredevil: Hardcore (2006)

05-dd-hardcoreIn this story, the Kingpin starts making his comeback. While he is pitilessly murdering all those who crossed Mr Fisk, he has Typhoid Mary and Bulls-eye go after Daredevil. Bendis and Maleev do an amazing job of capturing the dangerous insanity of Typhoid Mary, rather it be with her hissing and singing or her cruel dismembering and love of fire.
Then there’s Bendis’ Bulls-eye. Most arch nemesis in comic books will use the damsel as a way to lure the hero into a trap. Instead, Bulls-eye simply takes pleasure in hunting down, torturing, and killing Daredevil’s lovers before he goes after Daredevil.
Yet, what’s brilliant about Bendis’ writing is that Kingpin is still the most feared character of this story arc even though Bendis’ largely does this through exposition and monologues. We actually don’t see him commit violence until the final act of the story. With Kingpin it become impossible to guess who will be the next victim.
However, Kingpin didn’t count on his plan pushing Daredevil over the edge, Not only is the brutal origin of Bulls-eye’s scars revealed, but also we see how Matt Murdock is the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. This story is violent, dark, and extremely psychotic, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing team up between the artist and the writer, Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev.

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