Fear Factory: Live In Australia (1999)

FF liveThis band is awesome live. I have seen them twice in las vegas now and have not yet walked away dissatisfied. This audio recording is very well done. You don’t hear any of the phasing out phasing in of the vocals or the drowning out of guitar melody behind the wall of distortion and noise. During the time of this recording, heavy metal sound engineers were still trying to figure out how to balance the mix and keep it from sounding over polished while not drowning out the performance. Here the crew nailed it. So, one of the important things this live recording is that, be it in studio or on road, the Fear Factory crew puts forth 100% every time, and the guys don’t compensate their sound. If you are looking for a raw tone that most live albums have then you will find it here, and their sound is just as clear and recognizable as their albums. It’s a great live album to remember the Fear Factory concert experience by.

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