Green Arrow: Outsider’s War (2014)

outsider warLemire, Maiolo and Sorrentino’s Green Arrow: Outsider War begins with Oliver going on a quest back to the island to find the sacred arrow. Meanwhile, the prior events have pushed Oliver Queen into the center of an all out attack from the Outsider Clans. The story showcases the strength of each clan such as the clan of the Arrow, Shield, Staff, Fist, etc. True, this sounds like 50’s pulp pulled from the pages of Doc Savage or Allan Quartermaine, but it retains just as much blockbuster excitement if not more so. What makes this series truly stand out is how the creative team works off each other. Oliver’s projected personality is similar to the clichéd playboy. However, from the green internal monologues to the shifting backgrounds and landscapes we see who Green Arrow really is. For example, if the scene is brutal or violent, the backgrounds become more angular and saturated in red. If the scene is menacing or ominous, the background fades into inky shadows. This style is very reminiscent of gothic literature or various styles of anime which took the internal state of mind and made external representations. Another great showcase of detail is the depiction and characterization of Oliver Queen’s father. His mannerism and look all the way down to his signature beard is a direct homage to Oliver Queen’s depiction in Green Arrow: Longbow Hunters. The creative team may be updating and modernizing our beloved Green Arrow, but we can rest assured that our green archer is in good hands. Not only does the team work brilliantly together, but also they know where and who Green Arrow comes from.

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