She-Hulk #1-2 (2014) Review

Charles Soule
Javier Pulido

She Hulk is a Marvel title much like Superior Foes and Hawkguy. Rather than go for broke over the top action and cliffhangers, this is Marvel’s situational comedy line up. After discovering she was being exploited by her bosses for her super connections, Jennifer “She Hulk” Walter decides it’s time for her to set up her own Law firm. Each scene is packed with clever and well paced humor. It’s fun watching Stark’s legal representative’s word balloon turn into legal jargon and fine print forcing the readers and witnesses nod their heads or walk away. Other creative choices for paneling which really make the humor pop out is the run around during phone conversations scene or getting the nickel tour of the Super’s office building. Just like Marvel’s other comedy line up, the art has a minimalist feel but they certainly demonstrated that doesn’t hold back the creative ways to deliver a punchline. It’s definitely nice to have series like this in the Marvel world. With all the epic and world ending crossovers, it’s nice that they are able to relax and have time to poke fun at themselves.

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