SIlver Surfer #1 (2014) Review

Dan Slott
Michael Allred

Let’s face it the Silver Surfer was a product of his time; therefore, it makes sense why the new Silver Surfer reboot is soaked with nostalgia. Regardless, with the amount of referential detail the creators have put into this issues, the creators clearly have reverence for this series. However, if they tried to recreate those cosmic stories for the modern times, that magic would get lost in translation. Instead, this story is a more tongue in cheek with a few winks and nods to the old series. Remember, during the silver age of comics and science fiction, many writers would model alien civilization after western culture, and we see this in the reboot. For example, watching aliens ski down large flower petals, the impossible palace which scientist can’t explain, or the tiny solar system as seen to the right definitely establishes this is the sort of world Silver Surfer is taking part in. Yet, Silver Surfer pointing out the ridiculousness of these types of instances assures the readers this isn’t somebody trying to parody the classic series.

In addition, the art style is reminiscent of the time as well. Although it takes a somewhat minimalist approach that was prevalent of the time, the amount of detail and creativity jammed into each world building panel would impress even Jack Kirby. This is a creative team who knows the material and is writing an updated and clever approach who aren’t afraid of making fun of the time. With a silver skinned hero in speedos who rides a surfboard through the cosmos, that’s perhaps the best way to approach this series. Never the less, this story still retains those warm empathetic moments which have always define the Silver alien with a heart of gold. Nostalgic readers shouldn’t be worried that the Silver Surfer and his far out adventures may be turned into a joke. It’s taking an approach much like the other Science fiction Doctor Who reboot. Yes, it will make fun of the hack and slapped together Sci-fi, but it will retain the core messages and themes of their cosmic journeys.

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