Enemy (2013) Review


Enemy is a psychosexual thriller about a man who discovers his double. Much like French erotica thrillers from the 60’s, this movie is also about someone dealing with their own awakening sexuality and conflicting natures. The director, Denis Velleneuve, will once again cover the theme of personal duality and how it leads to self destructing natures in 2013’s Prisoners. The Enemy was originally adapted from a book by Jose Saramago called The Double. Saramago’s popular works often deal with devotion, faith, or absolute truths of characters, despite the consequences. All these themes could perhaps unravel the mystery of the Enemy. Surface level it could be another doppelganger thriller and there are simply two unique characters both played by Jake Gyllenhaal where one of the characters inevitably meet their untimely end. However, it seems more satisfying to believe this about a man whose double lives eventually over take the other. On one end we have a married teacher who is always making sure to call his mother. On the other hand, we have a man who lives out of boxes, frequents swinger parties, and is having an affair. Then there are the spiders. Their symbolism is to show that either the path to domestication or swinger parties will inevitably lead to being caught in the spider’s web. No matter his choice he will become prey to external forces.

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