Panels Pixels Frames 11/7

Panels Pixels Frames.

This week, we talk about Gamergate, Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, Grant Morrison’s Superman, Advance Warfare, Nightcrawler, Christopher Nolan, and more!


SuperGods (2011)

supergodsNot only does Grant Morrison give the history and evolution of comic books, but also he gives the cultural relevance of each age of comic books. For example, he explains how the comic code forced the writers to protest with metaphorical style and leaned towards fantasy in a highly Freudian way. He always explains what significant events in society’s culture had influenced and re-created each age of comic book style and writing. The book is also peppered with Morrison’s autobiography which helps greatly ground the reader to the significance of comicbooks. Although there were parts of the book that dragged or had little significance, this book was highly informative and a must of any comic book reader who is interested in the author or the history of comics